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System Integration & Field Testing

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The experiments and operation division was founded in 2011 in aspiration to create a knowledge center in the fields of experiments management and professional advice. Throughout the years the division has expanded, professionalized and enhanced its abilities, today offering a comprehensive services package for customers in the security and civil sector, in Israel and abroad: planning and engineering advice for experiments, management and operation of experiment sites, system integration, demonstrations and abilities exhibitions services.


The division employs about 80 employees and head officers, including electronic and electric engineers, mechanical engineers, electronic and integration practical engineers. All services are provided with great professionality, flexibility and full adjustment to the customers’ needs.

Planning and Engineering Advice for Experiments

The division provides professional comprehensive advice services for planning and establishment of experimental fields. The professional teams incorporated in the projects thoroughly learn the tested experimented systems and the ones supporting it, comprehending the field of planned experiment and its limitations, and create the management experiment plan for the customer.


Such plan includes, inter alia: ultimate resources management (human resources, time, equipment, etc.), professionally planning of the experimental field enabling the utilization of all systems operated within it (including the actual establishment), a strict security plan, and more.

Management and Operation of Experimental Fields

The operating teams are in charge of executing the experiment from one end to another, decoding the results, and their goal is to achieve the professional aims determined to the experiment.


The teams are responsible for all site activity, operation of the systems integrated in the experiment, their shipping and handling from one place to another, security alignment management, secondary suppliers management, system maintenance, experiment’s requirements operation support including acquisition, management and inventory and spare parts treatment.

System Integration

In recent years the division was also incorporated as a complementary service for other activities in the integration field.


Integration staffs take part in the variety of projects in all centers of division’s activity, mainly in advanced stages of development before exiting to experiment: testing of system performances in lab and field conditions for content proof, accompanying of test procedures, assistance with development issues, and at last, inspection of readiness to comprehensive experiment.

Demonstrations and Ability Exhibitions

Such service relies upon all of the division’s professional abilities and standing methods, implicating them on the demonstration and ability exhibition field.


The division joins the customers’ and industry requirements in such aspects and creates the solution displayed, inter alia, in the planning and exhibition specification, scenarios construction, requirements definition, shipping and handling of methods and support and logistical systems in Israel and abroad.