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Amarel’s integration department provides system integration services and system and technology integration development testing. Our professional teams are accustomed to working on dozens of projects simultaneously.


The integration department was established in 2011, as part of Amarel’s Integration and Field Testing Division. Over the years, the department has expanded its professional expertise, and includes 160 dedicated employees who provide tailored service packages to customers operating in local and global defense and commercial sectors.

System Integration

Amarel specializes in technology system integration, which focuses on advanced development stages, prototype inspections and tech simulations.

Our professional experts undergo unique training that encompasses areas of expertise such as hardware, software, communication, human-in-the-loop and system-of-systems. Our teams are also proficient in manual and automatic testing.

Main Services:

  • Integration and the inclusion of sub-systems in specific projects.
  • Problem solving throughout the integration process, based on system operation knowledge.
  • Field testing management.

Integrated System Testing

The department provides testing services during complex system and technology development and integration stages.

Main Services:

  • Testing specification writing; integration and functional testing based on specific requirements.
  • Defining the necessary methodologies and testing tools for system functionality, loading and performance for proof-of-concept regarding design, communication and data.
  • Monitoring and identifying system malfunctions regarding sub-systems and sub-system communication. Includes problem management, aid in problem solving and support for customer development teams.
  • External lab testing and experimentation.