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The How Company

Amarel Ltd. provides professional services for manufacturing and technology industries in Israel and abroad.

The company offers a suite of services complementing its customers’ core in a wide variety of fields, across the product or project life cycle.


Amarel expertise is on HOW to support its customers’ needs, by becoming its integral professional operational branch.


The services are based upon advanced models, updated methodologies and relevant technologies suited for each customer and every project.


Years long experience and expertise in creating a suite of services tailored for diverse industries and technologies in dynamic and competitive markets, enables Amarel to adjust effective solutions which creates proven value to its customers.

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Areas of Expertise

System Integration & Field Testing

Engineering Advice for Experiments, Management and Operation of Experimental Fields, Demonstrations and Ability Exhibitions


Engineering Documentation

Assembly Files, Drafts as Planing Assistance, Knowledge and Production lines Logistical Assistance

Technical Writing

Professional Writing, Cataloging and information Organization, Graphics

Training Development

 Online courses development, Video Editing Animation, Gamification and more

Training and Trainers

Management and Operation of Training Facilities, Training Headquarters, Enemy Imagery and Combat Scenario Direction

Maintenance & Customet Service

Requirements Analysis and Systems Maintenance Policy, Maintenance Services for Systems and Test equipment


Information Technology & Cyber

Computing Services, Information Security and Cyber

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