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Training Development

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About the Department

The department for training development began its activity in 2010, and since then develops training using an innovative technology in a wide variety of training projects.

The department provides its customers with a wide range of products, starting with classic training development products, through to videos and animations, up through to virtual products; gamification-based training, augmented reality worlds and establishment of educational escape rooms.

The department employs professionals with educational technology academic backgrounds, training development, animation, video and sound editing and more, who bring along their wide practical experience of developing dozens of courses and thousands of instruction hours.

Our Leading Guidelines

  1. Creation of experiences in authentic situations improving the trainee’s involvement, and by such, the training itself
  2. All that is complex up until impossible to perform/ real world practice, possible in the virtual world
  3. Effective learning measured by the employees’ performances
  4. Online learning enabling the head officer to measure the learning efficiency and the online implementation throughout time

Some of Our Projects


Our Products