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Training Development

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The training development department began its activity in 2010, and has since developed products for a wide variety of training projects with the help of innovative technology.


The department provides customers with a wide range of products, from classic training development and videos & animations to gamification-based training, augmented reality worlds and educational escape rooms.


The department employs professionals with academic backgrounds in educational technology, training development, animation, video & sound editing and more, who harness their extensive practical experience to develop a wide range of courses and instruction products.

Our Guidelines

  1. Creating experiences in authentic situations that improve trainee involvement and enhance training efficiency.
  2. Making things that are complicated (if not impossible) to perform in the real world, possible in virtual environments.
  3. Measuring effective learning via employee performances.
  4. Developing online learning that enables Head Officers to measure learning efficiency and online implementation over time.

Some of Our Projects


Our Products