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Training and Trainers

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The training and trainers division consists of staff professionalizing in diverse fields, and operates in the security and civil market in Israel and abroad for the past 15 years.


The division provides professional services for military units, security industries and civil authorities in the field of training and is based upon advanced learning technologies: instruction and simulation centers, bilateral field drills and live ammunition, and assists clients in creating, saving and empowering professional fitness in private level and wide range framework level.

Instruction and Training Centers Management and Operation

The division supplies end-to-end operation services and training centers instructions. The division’s staff is incorporated in such projects as project managers and implementation, instruction and guidance staff in charge on behalf of the productive companies and end-customers, inter alia, for: characterization and consolidation of products’ operation perceptions, execution of work and operation programs throughout project’s life, instruction and guidance, maintenance and management of secondary suppliers.

Headquarters Training

In the past recent years, the division developed operating abilities of professional crews abundant of human resources in wide framework drills. Such crews consist of senior and junior staff joining the customers’ activity during the drill’s planning stage, assisting in defining goals and required achievements. Based upon the plan, the project’s leading team constructs the drill and events program using advanced supporting systems.

Enemy Imagery and Combat Scenario Direction

Operating civil staff with previous senior and junior command background and rich operational experience as quality enemy units. The participating crews study the secrets of the combat doctrine and the resembled enemy’s force exertion, and jointly with the trainer and trainee authorities stage the required simple and complex combat scenarios.

In scope of the effort to approximate real state, the crews operate with integrated décor and pyrotechnics, and with assistance of combat imagery equipment of high quality, also based upon the abilities of the resembled enemy: 4X4 vehicles, motorcycles, razers, weapons, skitters, multirotor drones, full clothing, launchers and more. All equipment is operated in full cooperation with the trainer and trainee authorities at the drill planning stage and real time stage.