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Field Training and Simulators

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The field training and simulators department has been providing professional training services for security and civil markets in Israel and abroad for the past 15 years. The department operates approximately 50 standard and mobile training facilities that serve over 27,000 trainees every year.


  • Our services are provided in a variety of environments:
    • Live bilateral field training with live ammunition
    • Virtual & Constructive environments – training and simulation centers
    • LVC environments
  • Our main objective – To build, preserve and empower training on individual and organization levels, in order to enhance our customers’ overall preparedness and effectiveness.
  • Our expertise – Tailoring training solutions in accordance with our customers’ needs, while maximizing the effectiveness of all systems and work processes.
  • Our people – Experts in training and methodology development, who display maximum flexibility and availability in accordance with customer requirements.

Solution Assessment and Customization

How We Engage

We study our customers’ professional needs and customize solutions in accordance with their capacity and budget requirements.


How We Plan

We outline and draft training perspectives, while relying on methodologies that are based on professional doctrines and specific role definitions.


How We Deliver

Our services include installation support, system testing, technological system training and integration, and professional processes.


Live & Simulation-Based Training

How We Operate

We manage and operate simulators and training centers on technical, tactical and strategic levels. We also train our trainees throughout the entire training cycle, including the learning process stage.


How We Do It Live

Our solution suite simulates real conditions and provides effective demonstrations using infrastructures, manned and autonomous vehicles, pyrotechnics and expert human resources deployed in the field.


How We Manage

command & control center for training and demonstration management.


How We Support

We provide preventative maintenance services, per our customers’ request.


End-To-End Services & Customer Experience

How We Improve

We conduct ongoing learning processes in collaboration with our customers and end-users.


How We Execute

We provide a holistic logistic umbrella, in accordance with ISO, safety and information security standards.


How We Make It Real

We pride ourselves on our availability and our operational capability to launch temporary and routine projects that vary in size and scope.