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Technical Writing

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Technical writing

Amarel’s technical writing center employs more than 70 employees, including professional writers, project managers, quality managers, team leaders, language editors, and graphic designers. Our experienced team is adept at providing documentation solutions to software, hardware, robotics, electronics and communication system manufacturers. Utilizing state-of-the art technologies in accordance with international professional standards, we create and edit professional literature for complex high-quality systems in a variety of fields:


  • Maintenance instructions for all echelons
  • Operation localization
  • Troubleshooting
  • System description
  • Sketches and illustrations
  • Test equipment


Our solutions include:


  • Digital writing (IETM compliance) – Amarel’s class leading interactive-based documentation solutions provide a differentiated value proposition based on our innovation-oriented approach.Download Amarel IETM Brochure
  • Traditional writing – utilizing leading legacy writing platforms in accordance with customer needs and international standards.
  • Illustrations of operation and maintenance processes via state-of-the-art tools.


The writing process is executed as per our customers’ instructions, and is aligned with their manufacturing, maintenance, system operation and implementation requirements. We identify and define specific target audiences and end users, and provide optimal solutions for engineers, technicians, mechanics, instructors and operators.


Our documentation products are subject to a comprehensive and unique quality control process, which is executed by senior writers or engineers.


Our documentation is generally created in English and can be easily translated to dozens of languages, thus facilitating multi-lingual localization efforts.

Cataloging and Information Organization

Our technical writing center produces spare parts catalogs (from system to card level). Our catalogs are built in accordance with top international civil and/or security industry standards.


Our catalogs include detailed illustrations of whole components and their parts, which are accompanied by reference charts and indexes. Illustrations and catalogs are created in accordance with manufacturers’ model configurations of isometric and vector illustrations.



Quality visualization is the key to accessible and effective professional literature. Our graphics are an integral part of our robust documentation solutions, and include illustrations that detail product assembly and disassembly, 2-D and 3-D sketches, modules, animations, and video and sound editing. These innovative graphic tools help transfer the information pertaining to complex products in a simple, user-friendly and aesthetic manner.