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PV Solar System O&M (Operation & Maintenance)

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We offer advanced operation & maintenance services for sPV olar systems provided by professional teams nationwide with high availability. Furthermore, we offer an advanced monitoring center with innovative technologies and information systems. We provide optimal customer service through a call center available 24/7 and a B2B portal to manage the solar assets and service operation transparently.

We provide an end-to-end service package, adapting the service to each client’s needs.

Operation & Maintenance

We have over 50 electricians with diverse qualifications nationwide who provide high-quality, professional, and reliable solutions. In addition, the service vehicles are equipped with specialized professional equipment and spare parts for immediate troubleshooting.

Main Services:

  • Breakdown maintenance – from locating a monitoring failure, opening a service call, updating the customer and coordinating arrival, solving the failure through a team of electricians, which can be aided remotely by an expert in the control room, to sending a summary report to the customer and closing the failure.
  • Preventive maintenance – performing comprehensive periodic inspections using advanced means and preparing a summary report for the client. Routine service procedures and maintenance operations maintain the systems’ integrity up-time and components.
  • Operation of subcontractors – management and scheduling of all the service procedures of the relevant subcontractors: creating an optimal washing plan, high voltage and transformer treatments, fire extinguishing and detection, spraying and pruning.
  • Exercising the manufacturer’s warranty for the system components.

Monitoring Center

Our monitoring center monitors projects 24/7 thanks to a unique and advanced AI-based PV monitoring software, interfacing SCADA components and capability for energy management at the microgrid level.

Main Services:

  • Troubleshooting and diagnosing failures, identifying production trends and updating the client in real-time.
  • Performing techno-economic analyses to optimize system performance
  • Generating production and PR reports.
  • Billing services for controlling and managing electricity bills for multi-consumer clients.

Customer Experience

We utilize advance information system for service management, which allows for operating complex service systems and managing technicians effectively while sharing the information regarding the management of the PV solar assets with the client transparently.

 Main Services:

  • A personal B2B service portal for an optimal customer experience allowing independent access to property management, tracking the status of service calls, the washing program, generating reports and opening a help desk call independently.
  • A professional service center that provides 24/7 service and coordination before the arrival of the maintenance teams to the solar system.
  • Generating periodic reports tailored to the client’s requirements and needs.

For more information, please contact:

Sivan Bichler, O&M for solar systems manager

Mobile: +972-52-3418391