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Maintenance and Customer Service

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Amarel provides maintenance, technical support, customer service and project management for complex systems. Our experts provide services and consultation for defense and civil sector systems, technical teams, mobile service units and call centers.

Maintenance Services for Complex Systems

Our technicians are deployed nationwide and globally, providing end-to-end maintenance services for complex systems operating in defense and civil sectors in Israel and abroad. Our teams conduct requirements analysis and defines system maintenance policies, including actual execution. Our teams provide professional support services from field to lab level, in order to maintain continuous product activity, including mobility, storage and issuance of spare parts.



Our Capabilities

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Professional maintenance for a wide variety of systems, including electronic testing equipment and electric, optical, electronic, communication, mechanical, IT and pneumatic systems.
  • Technician teams deployed nationwide and available 24/7.
  • A comprehensive ILS umbrella and a wide range of service agreements.
  • Defining maintenance plans in accordance with specific technological, logistic and operational system and system user requirements.



Our People

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Our technicians provide maintenance services on a multitude of levels, for a wide range of systems.
  • Our technicians rely on cutting-edge knowledge and vast complex and multi-disciplinary system maintenance experience.
  • Our teams include engineers and technicians with backgrounds in electronics, computers, mechanics, electricity, information systems, communication and network systems, pneumatics and more.

Customer Service

The maintenance and customer service department specializes in the establishment of tech-oriented customer service and call centers, which provide a high-level customer experience based on satisfaction and trust. Our services are hybrid and adaptable to dynamic customer needs.



Our Capabilities

  • Technical support centers and experts – available 24/7
  • System monitoring, remote troubleshooting, and field technician deployment
  • Customer service centers
  • Customer account management



Our People

  • Professional teams who rely on advanced IT systems to provide service management, monitor performance levels, improve efficiency levels, preserve valuable knowledge and create unique customer experiences.
  • Account managers who provide end-to-end customer guidance, from the product delivery stage and onwards. Our account managers are dedicated to establishing a firm trust system that allows customers to use their systems in optimal fashion and create a foundation that cultivates business opportunities.