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Information Technology & Cyber

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IT Systems and Computing Services

Amarel’s IT Systems department provides expert services for management, establishment and maintenance of advanced computing infrastructures and IT systems in Israel and abroad. The department employs software staff, industrial management engineers and practical engineers in the fields of electricity and electronics, computer science graduates and Center of Computing and Information Systems courses (in the Israel Defense Forces) graduates.


The department specializes in providing expert advice for planning and establishing computing and communication infrastructures (including backup, storage and survivability), planning and operation of Helpdesk centers, supporting end users, PC software and hardware maintenance and infrastructure development.

Information Security and Cyber


The department holds a unique expertise in the cyber and information security sector:


  • Consolidation of information security standards based upon professional tools (IPS, Content Filters, SIEM)
  • Preventive implementation and maintenance of security information tools
  • Investigative security of computing infrastructures and applications including cellular devices
  • Planning and execution of computer systems security services and hardening implementation
  • Implementing IT and information security projects in Windows / Linux / Unix environments
  • And more