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Field Tests and Demonstrations

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The field testing and demonstrations department provides testing site management and operation services. We help plan and execute hundreds of system and technology field tests and demonstrations in Israel and overseas, every year.


The department was established in 2011, as part of Amarel’s Integration and Field Testing Division. Over the years, the department has expanded its professional expertise, and includes 160 dedicated employees who provide tailored service packages to customers operating in local and global defense and commercial sectors.

Field Tests & Field Test Site Planning

Amarel provides field testing and field test site planning services for complex systems and technologies. Our professional teams become involved in the project from the initial planning and system learning stages, and help outline the development teams’ requirements, standards and performance research needs.

Main services:

  • Needs definition, planned field test site outlining, professional plans for project management.
  • Effective planning of field testing resources, for maximum system involvement.
  • Field test site establishment, safety guidelines drafting, logistics and an ongoing response to customer needs on-site.

Field Test Site Management and Operation

Amarel’s expert teams conduct end-to-end field test management, which is essential in obtaining professional testing objectives. Our team members receive training that allows them to exercise responsibility for all on-site operations. The department conducts approx. 900 field tests annually, in aerial, marine, land and below-ground environments.

Main services:

  • System operation
  • Safety management
  • Logistics – system transportation, sub-contractor management, operational support (including acquisitions)
  • Maintenance and service – system maintenance, technical support, and inventory & spare parts management
  • Field test investigations and results analysis

Demonstrations and Ability Exhibitions

Amarel conducts complex system demonstrations and technological ability exhibitions in sites and exhibitions in Israel and overseas. Our professional teams study the customers’ needs and propose appropriate end-to-end solutions that include demonstration execution and proof-of-concept (POC).

Main services:

  • Demonstration planning – requirements, scenarios and demonstration plans.
  • Logistics in Israel and overseas – transportations, site establishment, video and audio systems, analysis systems and more.
  • Comprehensive demonstration management, including real-time response capabilities.