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Engineering Documentation

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Amarel’s engineering documentation center is of Israel’s largest, employing about 50 employees. The center is a professional department mediating between development and production, engaging with three main content fields:


  • Development of assembly files
  • Drafting as planning assistance
  • Documentation and preservation of knowledge for logistical production lines requirements


The center employees are well experienced and are professionally skilled for optimizing transfer from development to production processes. Trained as mechanical engineers, expert draftsman and content writers, they are incorporated today in complex projects of the security and civil sectors.


All products are characterized with a methodological client adjacent process, produced using innovative technological tools.

Development to Production – Assembly Files

The teams specialize in the development of visual assembly files, 3-D and interactive, displaying the intuitive and clear product assembly process, using animation for models of computerized planning for assembly, as well as production computerized drafts. The professional production file provides developers and production staff the ultimate efficiency in case of content alteration, fast data transfer due to personnel replacement, enabling a dynamic and interactive, paper free process.

Drafts as Planning Assistance

After identifying the need and goal definition and requirements of the product, the professional draft teams are incorporated in the production process. The teams produce numerous alternatives for product execution virtually exhibited to the customer using technological tools such as SolidWorks and CREO.


After selecting the preferable concept, detailed content and production references are executed, such as: production and assembly engineering drafts, freezing, complex electricity sketches, component lists and more. The team accompanies the development process all through to prototype creation and ordering production components.

Documentation and Logistical Assistance for Production Lines

Prior to the product’s “final stamp”, the center of engineering documentation also employs logistical experts in the production lines. Their duty is to coordinate and update the documents accompanying the development and production process using the variety of documentation documents and creating a product accompanying file, previous to transfer to customer.

The assistance team helps project managers to gather all files such as fault reports, quality reports, functional tests and more, promising an intact quality product standing with all requirements, standards and goals. In addition, the expert teams perform working tools calibration inspections, gathering labs data, inventory counting and more.