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Cyber & Emergency Crisis Management Training

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Our Simulators & Training Division offers clients an effective way to improve their readiness through our CMT simulator-based training, in preparation for cyber security and emergency crises, and tailored precisely to the client’s business activity and relevant threats and scenarios.


We design each training to simulate the events at the doorstep of the organization’s management and the natural response of leadership during the events. We provide Best Practices and additional tools for preparing and dealing with future events/emergencies While keeping in mind and testing the organization’s BCP protocols and Procedures.


Training over 28,000 trainees a year, we incorporate more than 17 years of experience into a proprietary methodology specializing in a “Complete Training Cycle” approach. Our teams of training experts with technological systems apply this methodology to support a simulation of real-life situations and provide precise monitoring tools for improving trainees’ qualifications.

Why is training needed?

Studies show that the human factor is the “weak link” in dealing with cyber threats and emergency crises. There can be no substitute for the protection provided by software and hardware solutions to the organization. Nonetheless, when a threat is realized, an effective response boils down to the performance of the senior managers, the functionaries, the interface between the organization and them and how they interact with it.


Accurately tailored training significantly improves decision-making, professional performance and the interfaces between the organization and the relevant functionaries. In addition, it enables diagnosis and gauging of improvement to help maintain the organization’s competencies over time.

Type of Training

Our CMT are based on Decision-Making Training (roundtable) methodology which simulates how an organization would deal with relevant scenarios and which methods of action and cross-organizational interfaces to adopt. The scenarios are built for the training per the requirements/needs of our clients and adapted to the business, operational model, and the environments in which the companies operate.

The training is conducted by a team of professional experts applying an information system that generates the scenarios while gauging and documenting the performance and decision-making of the trainees.


Amarel CMT methodology:

  • Simulator based training utilize an advanced, state-of-the-art cloud-based training without the need to operate and train on the organization’s operational systems.
  • Allows monitoring and follow-up throughout the training on all participants decision making and conduct at any given moment for each trainee separately.
  • Setting clear KPIs for the training and measurement through the entire training.
  • Combined with a professional expert’s team that mentor the trainees during the training and provides professional feedback,benefiting from their expertise and personal experience, we believe that this is the most effective mix to give our clients the complete and correct tools and best practices in order to improve the organization’s readiness for a future crisis event.


The main objective of the training is providing the organization management as close to real-life experience and the ability to practice dealing with risks and emergency crises at various levels, focusing on cyberspace and the implications of a crisis on the organization (cyber, communication, etc.), and on other potential emergency scenarios including physical or kinetic related dimension.

אימון קבלת החלטות

Kinetic (Physical) Space Integration

We also offer diverse capabilities for integrating scenarios and events in the kinetic (physical) space concurrently with scenarios in cyberspace.

Combining the following scenarios further improves the simulation of an actual situation and expands and deepens the different scenarios to which the organization will be exposed, thus making it possible to pinpoint the existing gaps in the organization’s preparedness:

  • Environmental event – simulating fire, floods, earthquake.
  • Physical penetration – simulating an intrusion by unauthorized parties to the organization’s premises for physical theft, information theft or infliction of damage.
  • Accidents – simulating work accidents, injured people and more.
  • Hazardous materials – simulating scenarios involving dangerous goods (leakage, explosion and more).

Why Us?

  • Training Experts – methodology, state-of-the-art training technology, preparation and adaptation of each training, execution, research, and learning.
  • Cyber and Information Security Experts – planning and operation of SOC and NOC centers, implementation and maintenance of information security tools, establishment of information security standards, design, and implementation of information system security architectures, IT, and cyber projects.
  • Kinetic (Physical) Space Integration – incorporating the kinetic (physical) dimension – thanks to the ability to simulate events and crises with teams and experts in diverse fields.
  • Each training session is tailored precisely to the organization’s needs, applying best practices and the rich experience of our company and our experts.
  • Managing the scenarios, the organization’s readiness, and the officials in a technological system.

For more information, please contact:

Nadav Kalmer, Manager, HLS & Cyber Department

Mobile:  +972-54-2982299