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About the Company

Established in 2004, Amarel began its activity as a boutique company for management and leading projects in the field of implementation. The main activity focused on wide scope and long term projects with leading companies in Israel’s security industry.


Today, the Company coordinates activity in a wide variety of fields providing complementary professional services for customers of the security and civil sector, in Israel and abroad: engineering documentation, technical inscription, maintenance, professional experiment consultation, implementation development and instruction, IT systems and more.


Our Vision

The Company’s vision places the customer in center of the thought process, planning and execution. Amarel adjusts to the requirements and wishes of its customers, complementary of them. Our goal is to supply professional and quality services for customers’ satisfaction, act for ultimate improvement based upon self-inquiry and continuous learning.


The process of complementing the customers’ requirements is based upon the expert and professional employees who are well trained with frequent guidance and instructions, and leading executives raised by the Company.


The organizational culture encourages excellence, innovation and constant improvement, working by advanced models adjusted for each customer, incorporating innovative technological tools in each project.


Amir Molad

Joint CEO

Company Founder

Ariel Molad

Joint CEO

Company Founder

Amit Firstenberg

COO – Chief Operating and Acquisition Officer

Doron Halpern

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

Meirav Raz

CHRO – Chief of Human Resources

Eran Wollenberg

Head Implementation and Management Officer

Nitzan Van-Raalte Katz

Head Training Development, Technical Writing and Engineering Documentation Officer

Amir Adar

Head Training and Trainers Officer

Yariv Katz

Head Experiments and Operation Officer

Our Values





Client Oriented